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Don't Just Protect The Screen, Protect The Whole Device!

SmartSleeves: Protect Better

You take your technology everywhere. Whether it's your cell phone or tablet, it's with you while you cook, at the pool, at the gym, at work - your phones and tablet PCs are within at least a few feet of you at all times, no matter what you're doing.

SmartSleeves has created the first ever disposable protective phone and tablet cover that won't interfere with your ability to use the technology as it's protected. Imagine being able to safely bring your phone on the beach and protect it from sand and water, or bring it with you to work and avoid any grease, dirt, or bacteria. SmartSleeves is the perfect smartphone and tablet solution.

Better Than a Screen Protector

Our SmartSleeves are better than a screen protector and more functional than a cell phone case. When you place your smartphone or tablet into our SmartSleeves, you'll be able to:

  • Use your smartphone or tablet anywhere. It is still FULLY FUNCTIONAL when encased in one of these sleeves.
  • Protect it from water, sand, food, sweat, germs, grease, and grime. Our SmartSleeves seal closed and keep potentially damaging elements out.
  • Talk, text, play games, watch videos and more. Our SmartSleeves have Crystal Clear clarity so your screen remains bright, and are so touch sensitive that you won't notice any difference.

Imagine being able to text someone with wet hands, or not worrying about getting car grease on your phone while working at the shop. These SmartSleeves are an affordable, more effective, and recyclable alternative to screen covers, and a great choice for all of your tablet or cell phone needs.

Don’t just protect the screen. Protect the whole device. Try SmartSleeves today. Made for iPhones, Samsung Products, Kindles, and more.

Find your size and keep your technology safe:

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