We carry high value technology with us everywhere. We also put that technology at risk every day. We carry phones and tablets with us at work, to the beach, or even in the shower. We handle phones with dirty fingers. We place our phones in high risk areas, such as near a sink or on the ground.

But in general, if we want to stay connected, that is the only option – either disconnect and possibly miss an important call or text message, or stay connected but put your phone at risk for permanent damage. SmartSleeves is the only affordable protection currently available that allows you to continue using your phones and tablets, all while protecting them from sand, dirt, water, and more.

What Are SmartSleeves?

SmartSleeves are disposable, fully functional, Crystal Clear sleeves that cover phones and tablet PCs to protect them from the elements. When you place your technology inside of a perfectly sized SmartSleeve, you not only protect it from water and grime – you can continue to use the phone, even with wet or messy hands, without losing any functionality.

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Benefits of Using SmartSleeves

SmartSleeves allows you to stay connected, no matter what you’re doing. You can protect your phone from sand while at the beach, use your phone even when your hands are wet from the shower, or make sure that you’re keeping your phone clean while gardening or at work. The sleeves are affordable and disposable, and are a great way to protect your technology no matter where you are.

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SmartSleeves Protection

SmartSleeves is water resistant and covers every inch of a phone or tablet when sealed, thus protecting it from a variety of common issues such as dirt, food, dust, and more. However, it is more than just protection – it is FUNCTIONAL protection. With SmartSleeves, you can continue to use your phone even if your hands are filled with pasta sauce or sand, without losing any functionality.

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Difference Between SmartSleeves and Screen Protectors and Case

Screen protectors and cases do a great job protecting your phone from being dropped. But dropped phones are not the only type of damage. SmartSleeves ensures that you can continue to use your phone no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It is the perfect choice both for recreational use, and for companies that want to make sure that their employees can continue to use their phones or tablets in the workplace.

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Try SmartSleeves Today

SmartSleeves is the type of product that once you have it in your hands, you’ll see why we have such an excellent recurring purchase rate. SmartSleeves can not only protect your phone – it can help you make sure that you stay connected. Visit our products page to find your size, or contact us for help.